Venice and Murano at Christmas

December 23rd, 2012

We decided to spend Christmas time in Venice before heading to Grenoble, France. I’m really glad we got to explore Venice at Christmas. It was very quiet while we there and not as touristy as the guide books had warned me.

venice arrivalOur first night we found our hotel and basically just relaxed since we had already had a long day waiting at the train station in Florence and a couple hours sitting on the train. Our hotel was Ai Due Leoncini in the Cannaregio district of Venice. It was a really good location – easy walk from the train station which was important to us.

You could really stay anywhere in Venice and be in a good location. Everything is so close together and the best part of being in Venice is just walking around getting lost! There was a restaurant called La Bella Pollastrella close to our hotel that we really liked! We ate there 2 or 3 times and even went for Christmas dinner.  It’s an Italian restaurant that serves Mexican food on some nights as well. We were craving Mexican after having been without it for so long! The first night we went to the restaurant they said they were not serving Mexican that night, I was so sad! But their Pizza’s were good and really good size for the price too.

December 24th, 2012

On Christmas Eve  we decided to take a water bus to Murano. If you explore Venice and Murano at Christmas time, know that hardly anything will be open but still, it was so fun to wander around and people watch. There were mostly locals on Murano, doing some last minute meal shopping and such. It was a really nice quiet day.


venice and murano at christmas


Venice water bus
Going to Murano on the water bus!

venice and murano at christmas

venice and murano






Back in Venice, we found a cute little Christmas Market with an ice skating rink! We watched the locals skate around and sipped on some hot wine.


venice christmas



Later that night we had plans to attend midnight mass at St. Mark’s Basilica. This was a huge highlight of the trip and definitely a bucket list-type memory that I will never forget!

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