The Colosseum

On our third day in Rome (second full day) we went to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The date was December 18th which is mine and Curtis’ anniversary! Obviously this turned out to be an amazing anniversary for us :)

Before heading out we stopped at a cafe below our Guesthouse Casa dell’Amicizia. By the way, we really enjoyed this guesthouse. It was very cheap but still clean and had an amazing view!

Day 3 Colosseum Roman Forum
Grabbing a coffee before heading out to the Colosseum!

The Colosseum is absolutely amazing! I took the most pictures from our entire trip on this day. The weather was perfect, even a bit warm at some points. The sun was shining all day making for really gorgeous photos.

I think we must have taken an unusual way walking to the Colosseum because there were not any tourists to be found. We walked through a park and saw locals walking their dogs and even some random Roman ruins. Then we came up on a little hill overlooking the Colosseum. We stopped for awhile to take some photos before making our way across the street to the entrance.

park going to colosseum




A little tip for everyone planning a trip to Europe, listen to Rick Steves! That huge line at the Colosseum entrance is for people who have not yet purchased tickets. Go down the way to Palatine Hill and buy your combo ticket for Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and the Colosseum. I think it was €12 while we were there… Anyway once you have this ticket you can enter the Colosseum through the short line (seriously there were maybe 10 people in this line compared to 100 in the other line). Best tip of our whole trip I think!

Funny story – we were about to get in our tiny line at the Colosseum when Julie realized she didn’t have her ticket! We figured she must have dropped it at some point so we retraced our steps and spotted the ticket on the ground back towards where we had purchased it. I don’t know how it hadn’t been snatched up!

3 together
My favorite travel partners!

Colosseum Floor

Upper level Colosseum

Incredible detail everywhere you look
Incredible detail everywhere you look

This was a jam-packed day in Rome! Next up the Roman Forum and our anniversary dinner.

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