Siena, Oh Siena

December 21, 2012

Our day trip to Siena was not my favorite day. It was gloomy and Siena was just too quiet. Literally nothing was happening in Siena and all of the churches cost money to even walk inside which was so disappointing. On a positive note, it was a nice train ride south from Florence to Siena and Piazza del Campo is really beautiful.

siena post
On the train to Siena

siena together


Basically we wandered around not sure what to do because we had pre-purchased our train tickets back to Florence so we had to wait for that. It was raining and nothing was open; it was a little sad. We saw a movie poster for the Hobbit (the first one) and decided that would be a good way to pass the time. We paid €10 each for tickets but we were excited to see the movie and it was in a really cool old theater. So we settled down to watch and found that it was completely dubbed in Italian! We thought for sure there would be Italian sub-titles with the movie being in English…no. Completely in Italian! Even the singing. I was worn out and in a bad mood so I took a nap for the entire movie.

Eventually we made our way back to Florence and had a really good afternoon at an artisan market called ARTour Toscana in Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

florence market florence market2

We bought some Christmas presents from this market and then we went to see the Accademia Gallery. I don’t have any pictures from inside and I wasn’t brave enough to sneak one of David, but it was a memorable experience! Especially since Julie left her little green bag of presents in the museum… Poor Julie :( The staff were so nice and let her go back in to try and find it but someone had already taken it.



Our last full day in Florence… Oh Florence, I love you!

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