Pompeii Day Trip

On our last day in Rome we took a day trip to Naples to see Pompeii. The ancient Roman city of Pompeii, I mean, that says enough right?? I definitely recommend taking the time to get there if you can.

Getting to Naples was quite the interesting trip for us…

train strike
Classic Italian train strike in progress

That picture right there is what happens when there is a train strike in Italy. On our way to Naples the train stopped, people started trying to open the doors, they were looking out the windows…we had no idea what was going on! Turns out a strike was in progress and we needed to get off the train and walk to Naples. Crazy! Thank goodness we didn’t have luggage. Our hotel had actually held our luggage for us in their office even after we had checked out so that we didn’t have to take it on the day trip.

It wasn’t too long of a walk so we were lucky! Once we arrived in Naples we had to figure out how to purchase our tickets for the train to Pompeii. An older Italian man offered to help us – not good. Do not take offers from people in the train stations saying they want to help you. He kind of followed us around and wouldn’t stop talking and just kept doing things for us. In the end we had our tickets and he wanted a tip of course for “helping” us. We got on the train and left. I do feel a little bad because we could have been more forceful in saying no thank you but it is what it is.

Lesson: don’t wander around looking confused. People at ticket counters can help you! You don’t need to tip a stranger for anything. This guy was obviously just trying to make a little cash but we could easily have also encountered a pickpocket and not realized what was happening until it was too late.

Once we got to Pompeii we walked just right down the street to the entrance to buy our tickets. My sister also bought the audio guide and I think that was a good idea. It is really nice that you can walk around Pompeii freely but a book or an audio guide is basically essential to know what it is you’re actually looking at.









Pompeii was amazing and I would definitely go again! I want to do an Amalfi Coast trip someday so maybe we will see Pompeii again.

After catching the train back to Naples and then on to Rome we hurried to pick up our bags so that we could make our train to Florence!

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