Getting to Dublin

Turns out there just was never a good time to blog while we were actually traveling. We did take a ton of pictures though and I wrote down a few things to help me remember all the details. So, now that we’ve been home two weeks it’s time to blog about our Europe trip! It was an amazing 3 weeks and I’m excited to relive the adventure through writing the blog :) 
We left PDX in the morning on Friday and then had a 7 hour layover in DC. That layover was so long and hard to get through since we were just so excited to get to Dublin. Lucky for us, the flight over was really quick and the views were so pretty! 

We had this screen on almost the entire time…so excited!

Our first views of Ireland!
Beautiful countryside
We arrived Saturday at 10am Dublin time which was about 2am Portland time. We hadn’t slept at all so we were exhausted! Once we got to Dublin we needed to get on a bus that would take us from the airport to Heuston station in the city center. We decided on one of the double-decker buses that is more like a tourist bus than a city bus. It was a little more expensive but so worth it! We saw a lot of the city just being on that bus, which was great since we only had two days in Dublin. 
Some pictures from the bus :)
Our bus!

coming up…a few more pictures of Dublin and on to Rome!

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