Florence and it’s Duomo

We arrived in Florence pretty late at night on December 19, 2012. From Santa Maria Novella Train Station we took a bus to our hostel. Hostel 7 Santi was a little further out from the city center than I had wanted but it was still a fairly nice hostel! Julie had a bed in a dorm room and Curtis and I had a bed in a private room with an ensuite bathroom. Much like our room in Rome the “ensuite bathroom” is this funny little canvas walled box in the room with a toilet, sink, and shower inside. But, hey, it worked for us!

Across the street from the hostel was a Caffé which was really nice, we stopped there I think every morning.


After a nice cappuccino we took the bus to the city center. The Duomo is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! The detail on the outside – colored pieces of marble – is so beautiful.




Not only is the Duomo itself incredible, the Piazza around it is like a dream world. We were here at Christmas time as well so the charm was top level.




Inside the Duomo is such a contrast to the outside. After seeing St. Peter’s in Rome we had certain expections – basically we expected all out high frills – but the Duomo of Florence has it’s own beauty. I loved the inside of the Duomo, after Notre Dame I would say the interior of the Duomo was my favorite of all the churches we saw in Europe.



And the best part…


We climbed to the cupola on top of this huge dome! It was an incredible experience and the views of Florence from the top were so beautiful. I will show you in the next post 😉

Thanks for reading!

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