Christmas Day in Venice, Italy

December 25th, 2012

Christmas Day in Venice we slept in after a late night at Mass. We strolled around Venice, sipping hot chocolate and taking tons of photos!

The Holiday season is a perfect time to be in Venice! I have heard Venice described as crowded, smelly, and hot; in December none of these are true! I would love to experience Venice again during another season but I think being there around Christmas was perfect for a first time visit. It was not overly crowded and not too hot or too cold. The best part was seeing every piazza and storefront decorated for Christmas time. So beautiful!


I am a somewhat of a “rule-follower” most of the time, while Curtis enjoys being a bit more adventurous. You can tell in this photo I’m truly thrilled that Curtis went out onto this dock that we weren’t sure he should really be on. Looking back it probably wasn’t a big deal at all but at the time I was a little annoyed. I am very glad though to have a partner that pushes me out of my comfort zone :)



We ate Christmas dinner at La Bella Pollastrella (our go-to restaurant while in Venice). We actually had “Mexican food” for Christmas dinner! The Italian Mexican food made for a fun experience. Pretty sure the salsa was made from marinara and there definitely was some oregano spice mixed in there :) But it was good enough to satisfy our cravings and is a funny memory to look back on! The desserts were amazing! I had some delicious tiramisu!

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